Distance Learning

We, Shiv Shakti Distance Learning with SSIMT Global Access for continuing education,
does exactly what it says on the packet, we take immense pride in offering you diverse
programs that take your career to the next level and pave the way for your success by
allowing students to learn while being in different locations.
These programs have been thoughtfully designed for working professionals like you,
they feature flexible exam timings and well-planned schedules, thereby empowering
you to balance your study and work life.

About us

Shiv Shakti “Ignited future” is the Institute of Management and Technology which works for both digital and offline recruitment. Our team has combined experience and vision to provide research-driven recommendations and forward thinking solution for modern student recruitment plan. We understand and make every decision to support the career and personal development of our learners. Our curriculum, teaching and services demonstrate that we value the diverse profiles of our learners and let you optimize you strategies to ensure that you get the most qualified enquiries. We offer a variety of solution for higher education institutions, providing customized solutions to meet student recruitment needs.


Our Vision

“To develop Legal, Logical and Ethical Youth for the benefit of the Society”

Shiv Shakti “Ignited Future” is a reservoir of the best human talent which aims to transform lives and communities through learning. Our vision is to strive for “Excellence in Education” and preparing young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills and sensitivity.

Our Mission

“Ignite the life with Education”

Shiv Shakti, the Institute of Management strives to educate students for their career success by establishing a brand name that is equated with quantity opportunity and fair play. Our mission is to empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance so that they become truly global personality well equipped and worthy professionals to deal with the modern world and its challenges

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